Fighting the Good Fight: The Memoir of Patrick Guy Roy

Fighting the Good Fight is a snapshot of twenty-five years of policing that points to the thin line between courage and crumbling.


Patrick exercises his most traumatic memories to end the weight of anxiety and fear that has plagued him throughout most of his adult life. As a former RCMP officer, he witnessed homicidal schizophrenia, sexual predators, domestic violence, drugs, international kidnapping, and a whole other litany of life-threatening situations. Yet, other memories are slipping away. In January of 2019, at sixty-one years old, Patrick was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Although the traumas of his police work remain intact, he has a hard time remembering a conversation or what he had for breakfast. With a remarkable sense of humour and sensitivity to his fellow officers, Patrick takes his readers on a journey through a labyrinth of police work and life in rural eastern Canada as he wrangles with his demons.

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